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The Best and High-Quality Version of Microsoft Office for Professionals

By Ivy Paloma

On Thursday, May 29, 2014

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional is a version of the productivity suite for Microsoft Windows: Microsoft Office. The 2010 version comprises of extended file format support and an updated user interface.

As an employee, Microsoft Office is a very important part of my software suite. I use it everywhere, and in any work that I do. This version offers loads of improvements and features over Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007. The new features such as customizable ribbons, improved graphics and font options are really incredible. Microsoft Office 2010 is a really good program if you can afford it. I do not know if there are more improvements from Microsoft Office 2007, but I like it.

Overall, I love this program. It is user friendly and easy to install which is most significant to me. I love the fact that I can link my other emails to Outlook and have it all in one place.


  • You can easily email your documents
  • It also offers apps in other mobile devices
  • Excellent new version of Outlook


  • The programming code changes in Office 2010
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An Essential Suite that Offers Complete Capabilities for Smooth Business Procedures

By Reinalei Jamir

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014

For me, MS Office 2010 Professional is one of the best comprehensive productivity suites available. It has a clear, simplified and customized interface. With this upgrade, it provides the best output experience across my PC. I like how this program assists me in facing challenges of today’s business environment without losing sight of what is essential for my work.

This edition, Office 2010, incorporates cut-down versions of Excel and Word. With this cuts, it includes advanced features such as tracking changes in Word and Excel. Moreover, I am very pleased that there are more features that are very useful to users. The ribbon in this upgrade is now clearer with its functions placed better now than the previous edition and I can even attach a custom ribbon to a template so I only acquire it when I need it.

Overall, Microsoft Office 2010 Professional is a very potent software. Whoever uses this program can adapt quickly since it is very easy to utilize and the settings are readily available.


  • It has many new tools
  • Ribbon interface is now clearer


  • Trimming web video in PowerPoint not supported
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Here comes the best office suite ever made: the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional

By Jackson Mbindyo

On Monday, April 6, 2015

Imagine an office suite that can handle a variety of files including DOC, PPT, XLS, DOCX, and XLSX and be able to use more than four file formats including PDF and ODP? That is the superiority that comes with the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. This suite is just a perfect office mix and enables users to be able to manage email addresses through outlook, process rich texts and be able to create databases. Besides having all the above mentioned function it gives users the freedom to download more different free add-ins to increase its functions capacities.

Besides being very useful for offices this software is also very useful to students and trainees especially while preparing term papers and projects. It comes with a very intuitive interface that is very user friendly and has a great versatility. Microsoft Office 2010 Professional comes with easy to use templates which can be downloadable and can be used to add 3D effects, shadows and other visual elements in to already made documents.


  • • An intuitive interface that is easy to use
  • • Support various document formats like PDF
  • • Can handle numerous varieties of files


  • • It takes a long time and data bundles to download
  • • Only supported by windows OS
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • providing after shool soccer option for inner city youth that are econmically disadvantaged where they can channel their energies nto a positive nurturing environment

  • Please this computer is very confused for me and all my sister, I need it, cause I have a lot of proyects and homework to do form the school

  • Editing personal and working document, making chart and also presentation. Mostly because most of my documents created with Microsoft Office

  • To study in a virtual way my specialization since I can not leave homeand I have to send jobs and their tools are absolutely necessary . thanks

  • for working, bussiness and others. In my work i need to use this program, and now more than after because I must present somethings. SOy espa

What similar programs have you used?
  • microsoft office from its inception, all versions shapes and sizes, I need this download now since my pc crashed due to a virus; please help

  • i have been using micros soft office 2007 for many years without any i would like to try the newer version. i will try this one.

  • for making documents for my college and business use so i really need this software its of so much use starting with powerpoint to make slides to word

  • microsoft office professional plus internet explorer google chrome mozilla firefox adobe acrobat professional teamviewer vmware horizon view

  • i have used microsoft office 2007 for my presentations and other seminars which made relatively easy and effective presentation that i had with

What do you like most about this program?
  • its awesome i like microsoft office proffessional 2010 plus it convert words to pdf very nicely and it has a good graphics and a lot about excel

  • Excellent for every work I need to do. I have been using for decades and it has improved everything of its applications plus new ones to use.

  • Efficient and very usable for home and business activities. It is a every day tool to work for what really need. The most popular app ever!!

  • text typing,making presentations,preparing spread sheets,word arts,animations,ms-access and lots more we can do. the most i personally like is editing text

  • creating research and topics about my paper and i really need Microsoft office for my school papers and other report so i can download this would be a lot of help


Microsoft Office 2010 Professional is an office suite that offers a good experience due to its new interface, which is more visually attractive and thanks to its usual features which remain being quite useful. With this suite you will be able to manage your email address, to process rich texts or even to create powerful databases with the different utilities it includes.

The file formats available to use in this version have been increased. Now, with MS Office 2010 Professional you can work with the usual files like DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS or XLSX and, you can use different formats like PDF, ODT, ODP or ODS. There is also available different free add-ins to download for this package in order to increase the number of functions.

All the programs you need

In this package you will find that all the functionalities you need for your different kind of work. All the programs we can find here have been improved in order to make it more intuitive when you get used to its new interface. This program has a great versatility. It is not only useful for office work, but for students, making their papers and projects easier as well.

The download may take a while since the installation pack is heavy but all depends on your Internet connection. This only makes it more useful, allowing to edit third parties popular formats, adapting the Office utilities to new uses. This way you can be sure that with this office suite you can work with both classic and new formats without any performance issues.

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Features

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional includes the following features:

  • Analyze data trends with Sparklines, Slicers and Conditional Formatting in Excel 2010
  • Improve Internet efficiency thanks toQuick Filing
  • New photo and video editors within PowerPoint 2010
  • Manage several email accounts like Windows Live Hotmail or Gmail with Outlook 2010
  • ‘Conversation View’ is now included in Outlook 2010
  • Add free 3D effects, shadows and other visual content in your documents
  • Easy-to-use templates incorporated in Word 2010 and in Publisher 2010 ready to download
  • Create databases for your business with Access 2010
  • Take screenshots without leaving Word
  • You can create a notebook with OneNote
  • Illustrate all the information with the improved SmartArt
  • This version is only available for 30 days

If you want to read more information about it, you can do it here .

Please Note:This program is longer available. You can download Microsoft Office 2013 or purchase the 2010 version in the link below.

Professional Edition

MS Office Professional 2010 includes a complete office pack in which you can find software like Word, Excel or PowerPoint. In addition, it comes with other recommended applications like the email client Outlook, OneNote, which allows you to take notes easily and Publisher, which is an entry-level desktop publisher.

Since Microsoft Office 2010 Professional has been designed for users who need to carry out daily work tasks and make their businesses grow, there are other versions which offer a wide variety of tools for standard users. In addition, there are free alternatives like OpenOffice, LibreOffice or Kingsoft Office. Although these applications could be enough to carry out basic office tasks, this professional suite is much more complete and offers a greater range of tools.


Microsoft Office 2010 Professional suite has the necessary tools for all kind of work. Text processing, full spreadsheets, databases or an email client are included among other applications. Just explore all the possibilities for yourself.

  • Very complete
  • Full Improved efficiency
  • Great interface
  • Improved SmartArt elements
  • New Excel and Access elements
  • Large size on hard disk