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Microsoft Word 2013 2016

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create your documents in a whole new way with word 2013 the latest in the market

By Pascal Kashamuka

On Friday, November 27, 2015

this is the latest version of the office 365 2013 version that has been released.It is free to install but this is the trail version and when you download it you install it up in a very easy manner and then it is available for use.You can create documents and edit them very easily and now the user interface has more added features like the ability of sending an email directly from word.More colors have been added and we have been added more diagrams and themes so for drawers you do not need to worry at all.When you are typing something for example and then leave the place that you were using your computer you will find it there and the document will not have disappeared.


more themes and diagrams have been added

documents can be attached directly to the emails

user interface is very flexible thus making it easy to use and understand

there is an online help center


  • it has been improved from its predecessor microsoft word 2010
  • it is very basic to use and understand


  • only the trail version is offered here
  • there is no genuine key here
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More than Words this is the standard of text processing

By Jane Middleburg

On Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I’ve been trying this text processor since it was released and I must say that it is very useful and comfortable. The new interface has been modified since the Ribbon was included in the Office package. There are some useful functions such as the improved correction feature that helps while you are writing your texts, and the additional help of dictionary and bibliography. I think this edition works very well; at least I hadn’t any kind of problem while I work with it. Its performance is outstanding on my computer and the different ways it lets me to save my documents are really helpful. It can even help you creating eBooks!

The interface is easy to use, placing the main options very accessible just in the upper side of the application. Now, for creating titles and subtitles you don’t need to investigate the menus, just select the parts you want to change and click on the option above and the format will be applied automatically. The new online tools for collaborating with more partners make this Microsoft Word 2013 a great and dynamic tool. Take a look at this application and discover all the features and functions that await you.


  • Useful, helpful and easy to use
  • It helps the users with its functions
  • Online options for collaborating with my partners


  • Ribbon interface can be confusing for new users
  • Live preview for formatting texts makes me nervous
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Experience the Most Potent and Flexible Word Processor Ever Made

By Reinalei Jamir

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Microsoft Word is the most used application around the world, seemingly because it is easy to use and one of the most popular programs in Microsoft Office. The interface of this program is very accessible and simple. I also like the new features of this software, it can import PDF files. It also does a remarkable job of converting a PDF file into a Word document.

As a professional like me, Microsoft Word is very suitable for typing and saving important documents. It auto corrects my flaws and it saves me so much time. This program is way better than the old version. You will get a little uncomfortable first because of its new layout, but if you get used to it, it is a user friendly software.

For me, Microsoft Word is the most flexible and powerful word processor ever created. This program is still the most essentially used tool for anyone who writes and it is one of the few applications that for all its slight mistakes, earns to be called a work of brilliance.


  • It can import PDF files
  • Flexible and powerful word processor


  • Few features are confusing to use
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to make documents letter school work love letters a lot of things that w cand do on words so we can sare whit frends workers and a lot of people

  • i am using this program for my paper works on school, cause all my works should me in a microsoft word type. pwede bang tama na to, ang haba eh

  • Drafting Letters for various staturtory requirements for resolutions, authorisation letters, check list of private limited or partnership firms

  • i need microsoft word downloaded on my laptop to do school paperwork and review some material that is sent to me by email and has to be checked.

  • i used it for my projects and some other things. Like writting a proposal letter or even a solicitation letter esp our fiesta celebration is fast approaching.

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have used microsoft 2010 on my computer for years. Now I want an upgrade to see if I like it. I hope that this program is about the same as the old version.

  • microsoft office, doc and wordperfect, excel and powerpoint. please let me fdownload this now, how much do i have to write for a trial download.

  • i have used the similar version in the other laptops before but this present one is new and doesn't have ms office in it so i need a trail vers

  • I actually don t know much about these softwares but I am truying to find a suitable replacer to microsoft office so that i can work at home on my pc at my ease

  • I have used Microsoft Word 2008 in the past but have since moved on to use programs such as Libre Office and Online Google Drive with my current employer

What do you like most about this program?
  • good program and fast when write and read ot easy when install many of grograms that is go me to think make lot of word about other programs

  • yes, i like most about this program its latest version speed programming available options for student like us i just like microsoft word 2013

  • i want to get a mastery on how to navigate via Microsoft words easily and accurately.Typing is very important to me thus i really need help.

  • good functionality in terms of writing different kinds of documents and it has nice features in art activities,not only that but also its among of the best applicaton

  • Microsoft Office 2016 has the ability to do real-time collaboration or co-authoring, more efficient email, a new context menu option called Smart Lookup gives you quick and easy access to a range of information about a word or phrase.


Microsoft Word 2013 is maybe one of the most worldwide used text processors. This edition has come with enhanced features to still being considered by users the top Office tool. The improved Ribbon design and the touch-friendly interface makes this software have an intuitive interface. A new Read mode, PDF files integration and useful Office add-ons that users can download from the author’s website, contribute to have a richer user experience.

Some criticism has arised as there are many shortcuts which have disappeared and users must find them manually in the toolbar, for example correction options. This has made that some people prefer the Word edition that belongs to the Office 2010 productivity suite. In addition, Microsoft Word 2013 now cares about Cloud services, as users can share their documents on SkyDrive with others who work with this software too. Similarly, its greater screen resolution makes it more attractive graphically speaking.

How to download this software

Getting this program in your computer won't take you too long, as the free trial version of this software has a very easy setup. The download and installation process will last few minutes. With Microsoft Word 2013 users can do anything related to creation, edition, correction and management of text.

One of the most welcomed functionalities of Microsoft Word 2013 has been the PDF integration, not only enabling to open the documents but also being possible to edit them. Also, you can add comments to files, no matter if they are in .doc or PDF formats. Besides, its column-style reading mode allows visualizing more text in the same space. Experience that can be complemented with the Object Zoom tool.

Microsoft Word 2013 tutorial

The latest functions added to this new MS Word program may need some introduction for classic users, especially when it comes to getting used to the Ribbon interface. Connection to the Internet becomes more important for functions such as mailing or any other Microsoft Word 2013 online features. Including real-time collaborative projects, you just can use any kind of word document or Word 2013 templates for your presentations or your Office student use.

Since Microsoft tends to offer new material about its own software, you always can check the different available tutorials from the support website clicking on this link . Discover what is behind the new content and learn basic and advanced techniques for the enhanced version of this Microsoft program.

Microsoft Word 2013 2016 Features

The following features of this software are:

  • New Read mode: text is classified in columns for a better reading experience
  • Object Zoom: Double click to zoom in
  • Resume Reading: This program resumes your last position on documents when you open them again (even with online documents)
  • Add online videos
  • Simple Markup
  • It opens PDF documents and allows editing them
  • Reply Comment: You can reply to comments added on documents
  • Free new templates
  • Improved alignment options on pictures
  • Enhanced Ribbon interface

For more features of Microsoft Word 2013, feel free to check the developer's website .

System requirements for the download and installation

The minimum system requirements to download and install Microsoft Word 2013 are:

  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Hard Disk Free Space: 3.0GB
  • Graphics: Compatible with DirectX 10
  • Internet Connection required for online functions


Microsoft Word 2013 is the most popular word processor nowadays. This ultimate version has come with complete enhanced features and a renewed interface that makes this Office tool an easy-to-use and user-friendly software for editing and processing your text and multimedia content.