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By Dann Kamau

On Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Microsoft Office Publisher 2013

This application falls in the category of the much credited suites under the umbrella of Microsoft Office. Its usage spans through a wide range from professional work to general usage. Its excellent and more advanced features make it a very ideal application for Publication organizations and Design Enterprises. You can use it to produce newspapers, newsletters and also design marketing materials like posters, flyers, pamphlets, labels etc. General users can use it to design calendars, business cards, invitation cards, awards certificates and many more. On top of this you can personalize your created materials by adding a company logo.

The application is built with a huge library where you can store up predesigned templates which you can choose from to make your creations. It will allow you to customize, share, print and export the final projects to a PDF file among other numerous formats. It comes with many tools to do your text, imaging etc. The MS Publisher 2013 is an application that has brought a lot of benefits to the business world.


  • A great tool in design of marketing materials
  • Its usage is very much widespread


  • Threat of being surpassed by competitor softwares
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Create High Quality and Professional Looking Graphic Designs and Publications

By Rose Sincro

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I have been using the older version of Microsoft Publisher for a long time now and shifting to this new and improved version made me excited. There is a number of improvements that Microsoft Publisher 2013 has to offer that you will surely appreciate. Microsoft Publisher is the best software to create sales flyers, brochures, advertisement purposes and many more. I love that this application makes it easier for users to print with its Photo Printing option that will let the user print the entire project via online. Getting pictures online is hassle free because you don't have to save them. You can directly get them from the web or on your local hardrive. Make use of the templates that are ready to use to give you an idea on how to start with your design. I find this helpful especially when I start from scratch. Microsoft Publisher 2013 lets you save your file online so you can access it remotely. They removed and replaced useful features that every user would enjoy.


  • Easier to use compared to other publishing software
  • Lets you access your files remotely


  • Application is only downloadable with no backup disc
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Create the page layouts you want with Microsoft Office Publisher 2013

By Stephanie Jackson

On Friday, April 11, 2014

As a member of the Office package, Microsoft Office Publisher 2013 is based on the same interface as the rest of the applications that the Redmond Company has included in this suite. This page layout software includes all the functions and tools needed for professional designing. The main use of this application is to create designs that can be used for publishing books, academic works or whatever you need. The way to work with this software is really simple, sine it is mostly focused on drag & drop options, for making it more intuitive without having to navigate constantly on the different menus.

The features that shares with the rest members of the Office packages is that it is really simple to use, just like Word of PowerPoint, and it can even be used along with these applications for enhancing their functionality. This way you can combine the best tools of the different members of the Office suite with Microsoft Office Publisher 2013. The Live Preview feature is really useful in this case since you can check the different effects’ results without applying them on the images you use. You can use all your picture collection, even those you have stored on your online folder. With Microsoft Office Publisher, 2013, you can create the designs you want with your picture collection in a really easy way.


  • It is really easy to use
  • Shares features and functions with other Office members
  • New features for picture swapping and effects


  • Their competitors are more powerful
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For what are you going to use the program?
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  • I need to use the program in order to complete an assignment for my history class. It is a requirement to have it done on Microsoft Publisher.

  • creating pamphlets for school projects. I am just relearning how to use the computer effectively as my previous experience with computers has been quite limited.

  • i need to creat post, and business cards and other s, like calendars, account sheets, envelops. it is very usefull for small scale enterprises like my own.

  • To create a banner for the California Dental Hygiene Association Convention in May 2017 and a tri-fold brochure for the same event , Cypress College Table Clinic original experiment on mouthrinsing

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have never used a program like this before. This is a small start up that we are trying to get exposure. only a couple employees and it take time to break even

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017.To I code programs.It's very easy to do.Search the code on google or see a tutorial to how to make your application.

  • microsoft office word,avast,adobe,movie maker,mp3 downloader,mp4 converter,powerpoint,one note,facebook,twitter,instagram,and cd or dvd burn

  • I have never use any other program except for this one on another computer. Now van you just lety me download this thing in piece, it is ver

  • the program that I have used is microsoft office publisher 2007 because its the only one that is available in our computer. thank you very much

What do you like most about this program?
  • I am going to design a brochure to get this software for free 2016 1080p hd I am just trying to bypass your website anti download using these


  • it can make newspapers which is all i want to make my project look good,amazing,beautiful and ofcourse fabulous if it is downloaded i would be mesmaried

  • the setting allows me to publish some good books and novels as i am an illustrator working with a famous writter. So indeed it is going to be

  • unlike other programmes its simmple , easy to use and produces fantastic designs,yet its simple and uses less memory and has friendly system reqirements

Microsoft Office Publisher is an editor and layout utility which is used to create both digital and printed publications.

This office suite can be indistinctly used by any kind of person who wants to add an innovative and professional touch to their creations, especially in the 2010 version Its use and interface are simpler than other similar programs and can easily help you to reach every feature you want. Besides, as its name suggests, this program is part of Microsoft’s family, which usually guarantees success.

Highly customizable projects

Microsoft Office Publisher designs any kind of marketing material. For example, it is commonly used to produce posters, flyers, pamphlets, newsletters or labels among others. Thanks to this program, you can also personalize your creations by adding your company logo or checking results in real time.

Besides the professional work, this software is also focused on general users who need this tool for personal use. For instance, if you want to surprise a friend for their birthday and don’t know how to do it, this program will let you design an original greeting card.

In addition, if you need help to start creating it, this program puts at your disposal multiple predesigned templates. If you take a look at its huge library, you will probably find a template for every one of your needs. Besides the above mentioned greeting cards, this program will assist you while making calendars, business cards, diplomas or award certificates. This office suite also allows you to customize, share, print and export the final projects to a PDF file, among other several formats. Moreover, it has different text and image tools which enable you to modify text fonts or colors and allows you to work with any image and clip art.

Other alternatives for Windows

Some users have criticized this productivity suite for its limitations. Compared to other programs which offer the user the same kind of functionalities, such as Adobe InDesign or Adobe PageMaker, Microsoft Office Publisher seems much simpler. This way, it provides publication solutions to professionals or standard users who don’t want to carry out complicated processes in order to elaborate their documents. However, if you don't want to try a different productivity suite, you can also use the publishing software included in Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office Publisher 2013 Features

Below you can find the unique features of this publishing software:

  • Image exchange for using them in every project
  • Image and text effects with new shadows, shapes, lights and Open Type functionalities
  • Use your Facebook and Flickr images without saving them on your PC
  • HD Photo backgrounds
  • Customize your templates with personal photographs and share them by e-mail
  • Your documents will be saved on the Cloud with only one click
  • Save your project in the same format to have a better print performance
  • Share more than once document by email with the same format and it will gather all pages into one single project

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With Microsoft Office Publisher you can carry out the whole process of designing, editing and customizing your own original projects to surprise your family, friends or clients. .

Limited time

  • Suitable for any user
  • Varied predesigned templates
  • Support for different formats
  • Great advances in the 2010 version
  • Some features have been surpassed by other programs