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Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 14.0.5128

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Precious Upgrade for Students and Professionals Needing A Remarkable Office Suite

By Reinalei Jamir

On Thursday, June 5, 2014

MS Home and Student edition is by far the most admired edition of productivity software suite. For me, this software is the perfect choice for student, professors and home office users. This suite includes the core of Office 2010 and some few extras. Word, PowerPoint and Excel are well-known apps to this suite, but OneNote is an MS program that for me has not found yet its position as a natural application for us users.

In this software, I am very impressed with MS Word because it has remarkable extras like having a vast archive of templates available for direct download. I also found out that it has templates for professional grade resumes, budget sheets and any other functional documents. Excel is now more advanced, and I can now easily set up my spreadsheet. While PowerPoint, now gives me a much improved slideshow presentation both entertaining and educational.

MS Home and Student 2010 is a fine standalone software. I also like its interface, it is now more intuitive. For some, maybe the price is quite higher than its competitors but this software is an exceptional value for your money.


  • A lot of templates to offer
  • Interface is now more intuitive


  • Price maybe too expensive for others
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By Hande Njr

On Friday, January 30, 2015

This is a version of the Microsoft 2010 Under the office suite of programs specifically tailor made for work at home users and students thus it still bears the capacity of the professional capability but it has awesome newly improved appearance and sleek features to assist the users or clients of Microsoft under the specified niche. It has programs like Microsoft word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft excel and one note that users can do their specified works with the programs of their choice. These programs have specific tasks thus; word is for, typing, reading and editing word files, Microsoft excel is used to create spread sheets, PowerPoint is used to create slideshows by editing templates and one note is for creation of notes. Each applications works in a pre-designed way and it has its own features once you open them on a window. Users are required to have the basic knowledge of how this programs work because without the seed knowledge it might be hard to work with these applications. However those who have the knowledge find the use of these programs easy. Generally it is a good program for office suite users.


  • It has a great interface.
  • It has many features that are good.


  • It might be complicated for users without prior knowledge.
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Improve Your School Projects with the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 Tool

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, June 6, 2014

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 is the most famous Office Suite for students who are doing their projects at home or in school. With this program, you can now easily do your projects, tasks and others on an easy way. It brings you new features and upgrades but is the same application that the office have like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and many more.

Also, you can edit, share your projects from any place thanks to Office Web Apps and Sky Drive. You just only need an Internet connection. Design presentations with this program and make them more attractively. You can now add photos and videos using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 edition. In addition, this program includes loads of improvement than to its previous versions.

All in all, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 is another program which allows us to create, organize and share our school and our home projects..


  • Provides new features and upgrades
  • This program is more enhanced


  • It is very expensive for student
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I already have a product key I just need to download the program on a new laptop in order to create documents for work and for home office environment

  • for a personnal using with excell, and so on. I've bought an activation key, but i have to install this application before eventhrought t it doesn't go on

  • i'm going to use it for the wedding presentation of may church mate on January 29 2017 at Sha tin Baptist chuch hongkong as i am the one who handle it

  • Office work, letters, tables ans so on.I am studying information tcknology and now will create my bachelor word with this fine offic program

  • for learning and training the kids at home. I may also create excel and power point slides for entertainment. All these will be for non commercial purpose

What similar programs have you used?
  • openoffice beacause uit's free, bit not so nice that office family and studiant. I hope to find all i need in this office from Wicrsoft. I'll see soon

  • E.i have not used any similar programmes. should i find this one satisfactory i will subscribe to it in due course. at the moment i just need it

  • I have used similar programs as Microsoft office but the business edition. I like this better because it is more user friendly and easy to work with.


  • Office 2007 has been used by me in prior times to my attempted download of this program that makes me write an answer that is simply too long

What do you like most about this program?
  • everything, word, powerpoint, excell and publiher.All they are very easy to use and in this moment I need the version for free because I have a new computer

  • i want to make my own and home busness on it but i cant download this program from anywhere and finally found a web site here just typing text

  • i am familiar with this product having used it for years on my computer. However the hard drive failed and i now have to staRT all over again which is a bit of a bore

  • I like to use Outlook mail, writing letters i Word and take care of my finanses in ecxel. I have always used Office from 97, 2003 and 2007 until now I will try 2010 versjon

  • I have installed ms OFFICE 2010 HOME AND STUDENT on my main desktop PC, my Lenovo laptom 64bit running Windows 10, and now want to do it for my little laptop.


Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 is an office suite that improves its previous version with new tools and a better performance. This time, Microsoft has enhanced the multimedia possibilities for more attractive works, as well as the interface, which offers an immediate access to the most used tools. The suite includes the necessary applications for your homework and your academic papers. These applications are Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, which will provide you with lots of useful options.

With this download MS brings users an improved suite with more functions and a better workability than before. One of its important updates is the possibility of working with PDF files without any external plugin. The new formats that are added will bring users a new, professional and powerful way of editing and creating documents.

One of the most innovative features of MS Office Home and Student 2010 is the addition of Skydrive. This cloud computing service will give you the possibility of uploading your own documents into your folder in the cloud for an immediate access wherever you have an Internet connection.

Control all your projects with one suite

Although this productivity suite offers the popular applications Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote, this is the lightest version of Microsoft Office. There are other packages which include a greater range of tools such as Outlook, Access, OneNote or Publisher. In Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010, Microsoft Word has been reorganized, making its use easier and more intuitive thanks to its new interface. Besides, it has templates and tools for each specific document, as for example, blogs, letters or CV, which provides a professional look to your documents. Power Point, which has also been updated, has enhanced its several features like the photo retouch tool, the possibility of inserting videos or the capacity of sharing your presentations through your web browser.

With Excel you will be free of managing your business issues or your household calculations. As the Word tool, Excel also provides you with templates to help you to use it in a professional way. Finally, with OneNote you can create your personal notebook, in which you will be able to organize your notes or ideas and also you can insert images, texts, audio, video, etc.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 14.0.5128 Features

Here you can find the unique features that this product provides:

  • Enhanced picture, graphics and charting tools which will help you produce better-looking documents
  • Office Fluent User Interface which provides a faster, easier and more intuitively creation of documents
  • More predictable and intuitive Microsoft Office Word
  • Enhanced Help system which offers improved ScreenTips and links to relevant information either on the Internet or within Microsoft Office.
  • New PowerPoint easy-to-use tools
  • Build a budget and track expenses quickly with ready-to-use templates in Excel 2010.
  • Enhanced charting tools and SmartArt® graphics
  • Windows Live SkyDrive access
  • Web Apps to edit your online reports, online presentation or reports

If you want to know more information about this product before you download it, feel free to visit the .

Please Note:This program is longer available. You can download Microsoft Office 2013 or purchase the 2010 version in the link below.

System Requirements to use this software

Here you can find the minimun system requirements to download Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010:

  • OS: Windows XP, or higher
  • Processor: 500 MHz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Hard disk space: 3 GB of free space